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If you are looking for a Lombok Gili hotel and a change from the  often over crowded 3 NW. Gili islands or Lombok's other remarkable areas. The Secret Island Resort hotel is perfect for your get away.  We presently consider our Hotel at least a two star hotel in a five star location with many 3 star features. This includes yacht moorings and a guest dock. We also have Solar Hot water in our deluxe bungalow on the hillside, two bungalows over the Reef, beachside rooms and our 2 bedroom Villa: AC is really not needed most all year round nor desirable for the environment. We are working toward being a fully Eco responsible hotel aware that Global Warming is upon us. The very special Bungalows over the Reef are stable and not floating. They areattached to a long wooden dock that is wonderfully tranquil and private with hot water. These units plus our two bedroom villa and deluxe hillside bungalow are for those looking for a higher class setting with hot water and spectacular views. Honeymoon specials available. Now providing Wi-Fi Internet Connection. And Please ask about our 3 day stay package deals.

The beautiful surroundings and undisturbed nature of Gili Gede provides the perfect location to experience the 12 Unspoiled SouthWest Gilis. It is located just 5 minutes from the mainland of Lombok Island and features  a really good for the kids swimming beach right in front of the Resort.

Look for the only Car & Boat Gas Dock/Station in Sekotong SW. Lombok, just a 45 minutes drive past Lembar harbor you will find Tembowong beach and just 100 meters past the only gas station you will see the 'Secret Island Resort' sign.

The 9 meter charter Sport Fishing and Snorkel Mania speed boat 'Scorpio' is located here at Secret Island Resort's own private Dock.  We have 2 diferent kinds of boats to offer you snorkeling from 100,000Rp to 200,000Rp, depending on your desired time snorkeling and amount of locations. If you are only two people we recommend a local boat to 2 different Gili islands for about 150,000rp per persons. The 12 unspoiled SW. Gili Islands have the Best Snorkeling in Lombok, we promise you won't be disappointed.

This unique resort is now fully open for your vacation pleasure. SIR has the only safe and stable Bungalow over the Reef in all of Bali or Lombok. Please come and meet Lombok's Friendly people.

Call +6281803762001 for more Info.

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The facilities including a large restaurant & pavilion with Titin's Yacht Bar, sometimes hosting cruising sailors and all others who are interested in having an enjoyable vacation away from other crowded Gili islands.

Some other 4 star guests from other "high class resorts in Lombok" visit us for the day and the excellent food. If your looking for a peaceful spot with lots of good Fishing and Snorkeling, shell collecting and very friendly people Secret Island Resort is a place for you.

Whoever you are; our guests enjoyment and good service come first. If you are interested in arriving via a deluxe charter boat from Bali; there are several excellent possibilities to charter from Bali to the Secret Island Resort our 9 meter ten passenger 'Scorpio'  is one. 'Fast Boat Travels'

Our very special "Our Over the Reef Bungalow" is often booked, so please check with us as soon as possible for availability.  Also available is our two-bedroom villa with Hot Water, one Hillside Bungalow with Hot water, 5 double Rooms, 2 double and single bed rooms and single person bedrooms;  Some rooms offer dramatic ocean views with the perfect sunrise and sunset panorama from different spots around the grounds.

There are a couple pyramid gazebos for your relaxing pleasure: Secret Island is quickly becoming well-known to those seeking the good life where FUN, FOOD and ACTIVITIES are primary.

Spend a day here or spend several days. You and your friends can take "Great Kayak Tour" of the inner waters of "Tembowong Bay". This is a natural harbor with many calm reefs and some of Lombok's oldest pearl farms. It is also very easy to get around by Kayak just by your self.  Or charter one of Secret excellent boats to cruise, snorkel or fish with.

The best snorkeling in Lombok is very nearby and excellent day or night fishing are available here in the south west Gili Islands. "The Secret is the Refuse" where it is easy to refuse your stress. "SIR" encourages you to enjoy your special vacation time here and promise we will do our best to show you around the 12 unspoiled gilis.

Let The Beauty Soothe Your Soul!

As mentioned in the Lombok Guide:
"Secret Island offers a host of activities that all the family can enjoy" on Gili Gede where the people are truly friendly!

The resort is perched on 1.2 hectare south point of the island with three sides ocean view. If you are thinking of owning your own Hotel in a very beautiful protected bay,where you can Safely Moor Yachts All Year! And You can build up to 9 more KNOCK DOWN BUNGALOWS OVER the REEF and more DOCKs with a unlimited yearly lease from Government. Find details here. Read more ...




Bar and Restaurant
Restaurant and Bar'Titin's Yacht Bar' offers great home cooked dinners with fresh local fish, other organic vegitables, etc. upon special request. Visiting yachts and all visitors can find a wide range of International cuisine. This is a perfect Resort for your private party where special select cuisine can be ordered. Read more

Accommodation Resort LombokTwo-bedroom villa on hill-side. Plus seven beach side Double room units Plus deluxe hill side bungalow and two special bungalows over the reef, fabulous and the only ones in Bali or Lombok. Read more...

Special Events Bar
Spa and Massage ClubThere is a special Gazebo bar service. A unique chest design that you can enjoy for hours, but only for special events and can serve as a 'Service Bar'. Massage service is also sometimes available, but please still difficult to arrange! Read more...

Water Activities
Day Beach Club ActivitiesLombok's Very Best Snorkeling, Surfing, Kayaking, Sport Fishing and fast surf transfer to Deserts Point. Transport to other Gili Islands and Senggigi via 9m Speed Boat 'Scorpio' are possible!    Read more...

Land Activities
Lombok Land TourGazebo pyramid relaxation, Chess, regulation billiard table, round the island nature walk, shell collecting & beach combing, Read more...

Scuba Diving
Professional Scuba DiversProfessional Scuba Divers only. The 9 meter speed boat Scorpio can take you all around Lomboks South West coast where Lombok very best reef is. Dive the SW Caves. Read more...

Professional Scuba DiversRide the waves at Deserts Point from a 9 meter fast boat located on Gili Gede, only a half hour to Deserts.. Or around Lombok Hotel to Hotel cruise. Cheaper than surf boats. 1 to 10 persons. Read more...

If you are on Bali, there are 3 good ways to get to Gili Gede and Secret Island Resort.

1. The slow but frequent Ferry service from Padang Bai, north east Bali to Lembar Harbor Lombok. - average transit time is about 4.5 hours.  The cost is about $4 per person + transport to Padang Bai harbor and transport from Lembar harbor. Many of these ferries have air conditioning and comfortable seats, but please beware that a few of these ferries have not yet been upgraded. These Ferries run all day and all night. Total travel time is 6 to 7 hours and average estimated cost per person if two people traveling hotel to hotel is about $22 to $25. We rate this Ferry service as safe even by western standards, but will require most of one day to transit. 

After reaching Lembar harbor, we strongly suggest you let us call you a trusted driver to bring you the remaining 50 minute drive to Tembowong for about rp225,000 for one to four persons. Transport from Tembowong beach over to Secret Island Resort should cost rp20,000 -rp25,000 per person and is mostly controled by the local boat men. If you arrive by your own car or motorbike, we can secure your vehicle in a locked garage. Please let us know before you depart Bali, so we can meet you in Tembowong on time.  We also will return you to Tembowong beach for no charge and can arrange further transport via local trusted drivers to other Lombok marvelous locations.

** 2. Fast boat from Serangan Bali Direct to Gili Gede- - The fastest and most convient way for sure - Price includes hotel pick up in Bali. Boat travel time just 1.5 hours. after arrival it is a 10 minute small boat ride to Secret Island Resort, usual cost rp100,000 for two persons. Please let us know you have booked the fast boat to Gili Gede. --- Phone number +62 813 37074147

Direct email -

Please tell them Secret Island Resort refered you! Thank you

3. Airplane from Bali to Lombok airport -  One way airplane tickets cost about $30 to $35 per person and take about 30 minute fly time plus baggage pick up time and pre boarding time equals about 1 hour 30 minutes. Then add another taxi or local trusted driver travel time to Tembowong beach of 1 hour 20 minutes. Land transport cost about $22 to $32 split by number of passengers in vehicle. Plus another 10 to 15 minutes to get in boat and across to us equals a total travel time of about 3.5 to 4 hours. And the total cost is about $50 to $60 per person if two persons traveling.



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