Secret Island Resort, Gili Gede, Lombok  
Gili Gede Resort Lombok

Gili Gede Resort Lombok

Located on Gili Gede, Sekotong, South West Lombok

Latitude 8.44.73 S / Longitude 115.54.00 E

Map of Gili Gede, Lombok

The Gili islands have long been known for there prestine beachs and 'undisturbed' nature. If you purchase Secret Island Resort you can also develope seperate villas that may include another 4 boat docks and 8 more bungalows over the reef. The location of these villas and Bungalow over the Reef docks are located along the south west side of the Hill. The area is shown in drawing and pictures below. There are 6 more Villas possible on undeveloped lots. Call us for more information or click on 'Terms offered' below. Most of the necessary infrastructures are finished. Choose your Villa Style and quality. Secret Island has great potential for further upgrading to a 4 star rating. We can more clearly explain the possibiities by telephone or direct meeting. We have completed construction of the second dock and Bungalow over the Reef as may be viewed in picture below.

Information & Terms offered

Plots over reef for leasePossible lot division layout


Secret Island Aerial map


aerian south Gili GedeLombok Map

  • Gili Gede, Secret Island Resort 280 meters Ocean/Beach Front

Gili means Island in Lombok's own language known as Bahasa Sasak. There are more than 25 Gili's surrounding Lombok. They have long been known for there white sand beachs and abundant tropical fish over fantastic coral gardens. PT. Layar Indah have been developing its own island resort in Gili Gede, which means Big Island in Sasak. It is only 400 meters from the mother island of Lombok. You can get there easily via a local Outrigger Sampan transport boat for around a dollar or Call "Secret Island Resort", at +62-818 0376 2001 to arrange a pickup. It is a 45 minute drive from Lembar Harbor or about 75 minutes from the Airport.

Gili Gede is the largest Gili Island. It lays about 26 Nautical miles from the busy southwest Lembar Harbor: It has 5 Sasak traditional Fishing villages. It is accessible from a well maintained Lombok highway: Or you can book a Bali Charter boat and simply request they stop by Gili Gede Mate. We promise to treat you with the greatest respect as you just may be one of the Poets or Pirates that Sooth Sayers predict will return to Gili Gede.

         Secret Island Resort Yacht Harbor Growing Fast

yacht harbor lombok
Scorpio Gili Ringget

'Scorpio' is a Nine meter Fiberglas fully lincensed Vessel for Sport Fishing and Snorkel Cruises - 'Scorpio' is pictured above. We now have tree different priced vessels to take you Snorkeling ranging from 100,000rp to 200,000rp per person depending on amount of snorkel locations and people booking. Also pictured above is our two 'Bungalows over the Reef'  just after sunrise.
    With a lofty hill in the center of the island, and the surrounding crystal clear water and many other gorgeous mountain ranges nearby; Gili Gede with its natural fully protected harbor called Tembowong Bay;  provides a perfect setting for Travelers to Discover the 12 Unspoiled Prestine Gilis – all of them provide a perfect place to relieve your stress. Or just enjoy the unusual that is still off the beaten track.

Docks at Gili Gede  


     Secret Island Resort beach- great swimming beach

Makaki Beach tour






Aerial Picture - Secret Island Resort S. Gili Gede
Gili Gede air shot

Gili Gede is one of the Lesser Sunda chain of Tropical Atolls & Islands: And is still close to the many desirable tourism spots:

Dive 12 Gilis
  • Pearl Cultivation factory & submerged grow Tanks are visable with a guided group Kayak Tour (pre-booking is required) or just by yourself Kayaking. You can sometimes pick a few wild 'Fresh Oysters' from the Sea shores of the SW. Gili Islands. We call them the 'Escapes'
  • Scuba Diving is best at the newly discovered Dive locations of the (twelve South West Gili Islands - Starting at Gili Nanggu, Gili Poi, Gili Layar, Gili Ringget, Gili Gede & Gili Asaha via local Dive company 'DIVE ZONE'. The price is the same if you let us book it for you, plus we take you there in the Morning for Free. All the 12 Gilis are accessible via the 'SCORPIO' for private Dive Master/Instructor Tours while staying at Secret Island Resort.
  • Desserts - Famous big wave Surf Spot in South West Lombok is quickly accessible with the 9 meter Scorpio speed boat that can take you directly in front of Deserts Point: Sport Fishing and our Snorkel Mania cruise our also available to any of the 12 SW. Gili islands.
  • Other Tourism Spots like the primitive sea bay of "Sepi" or the fantastic white sand beach of MAKAKI just 20 minutes from us via our Mini Bus. All of the 12 Unspoiled Gilis are accessible via a Snorkeling/Fishing Trips


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