‘Secret Island Resort' Introduction

Includes Ocean Front Villa Lot Empty spaces and right to build 8 more 'Bungalows over the Reef'

(Located at Gili Gede, SW. Lombok, Sekotong) - updated November 2013

Hello interested Parties, Ladies and Gentlemen;

 We think that Gili Gede Island, home of the still growing ‘Secret Island Resort' (SIR) is one of the most beautiful spots in the world; remarkably it is just beginning to be discovered by international travelers & investors. Especially a great spot to moor yachts and perhaps a pending private yacht harbor will be built here and next door.

Brief History – Peter & Suhartini Jones purchased the lower 34 area of SIR in October of 2002.   Title is held in Suhartini's name. There was an existing Bungalow nearly completed, a 12 x 12 metal-framed beginning structure, 1 brackish water Well and some Landscaping. Slowly but surely we developed this lower portion. We first completed the Restaurant/Kitchen/Pavilion including a 2nd story Office/Bedroom, 3 bathrooms, a large open air Terrace and Basement storage area. (Basement area designed to include a Karaoke Bar and Fitness Room) There is a full Bar, Kitchen plus a regulation Ballard table and Lg. TV & Stereo for Entertainment We added three additional well water sources, one brackish and one fresh water, plus a roof rainwater run off system with 5 fiberglass 3000-4000 liter tanks and several 250-1000 litter standard plastic tanks: Total capasity about 24,000 liters. In 2005 we installed and reinforced the beach boundary with a cement and metal break wall & fence, including a south point U cement pier that contains the sand from beach erosion and provides another place for small boats to tie up in safety. In 2009 and 2010 we finished the Security Stone Wall on South and West side of Property. The Tembowong Channel & Bay located between Gili Gede & the Lombok coast is considered the most protected natural ‘Marine Harbor' around Bali & Lombok. Our 45 meter long Pier, Bungalow over the Reef and 9m Speed Boat are protected here All Year Round!

* Note- Of all the 21 Lombok Gili islands, Gili Gede is the largest and has by far the greatest volume of fresh well water resources. PLN (Government Electrity) is in process of installing power to Gili Gede island.

 We purchased 3 double/1 single Kayak, a 6 meter ‘Snorkeling, tour & Transport speed Boat' (40 hp), placed three mooring for Cruising Yachts and local Charter Boats and had a Soft Opening blessing party.  We then continued building our hotel with occasional guests booking our two completed accommodations: Then we purchase the upper 77 area portion of SIR giving us a three sided ocean view and present total of of at least 1.21 hectare. We then concentrated on building our ‘Top of the Hill 2 bedroom Villa' with 2 double units below it, and began remodeling the previously existing two bed room ‘Wooden Villa', completed in 2010. It is a 3 bedroom Villa with a third floor. The renovation of a ‘Bungalow on the Hillside is now complete and open. both the 2 bedroom villa and hillside bungalow now have HOT WATER. : This will make 14 total units. We have recently completed our second Dock from our stock of high quality Teak,Ironwood and other excellent re-cycled timber. The second slightly larger 'Bungalow over the reef was finished last December 2012.

  Back in 2007 we completed another ‘Vacation 4 Room Rental Units' structure near restaurant, a 3 room ‘Staff House', ‘Titin's Toko Shop', 3 locked ‘Storage Spaces' and added lots more landscaping with ‘Sea shell Stone Walkways'. Plus there are 2 Gazebos and Gazebo hot Tub/Bar serviceFacilities finished. Then in 2009 we finished the 45 meter Pier and 4x6 meter Bungalow over the Reef.

(Bungalow over Reef Info) - We completed this large SW. Dock joining the land to sea where Yachts & their Skiffs may tie up and saunter to our ‘Yacht Club Bar & Restaurant'. This is where we have obtained a Non-Revokable permit from the Indonesian Lombok Government to build and maintain up to 10 Knock Down Bungalows over the Reef. Terms and conditions are available for Serious Buyers only. We also hold a Indonesian patent called a ‘Kapal Transmigrasi' (Boat transformation) whereby a ‘House Boat' knock-down design is dry docked and attached to the Dock creating a stable ‘Bungalow on Top of the Reef'. The concept evolves from the many magnificent Bungalows permenently build on top of the reef in Tahiti.  All Hotel premise licenses have been completed and processed as of May, 2010.

Positive sales and Investment Characteristics

   1. – Gili Gede is the largest and has the highest mountains with fresh water than any other Gili island: And is arguably the most beautiful of all the 21+ Lombok Gili islands. 2.

2.  – SIR's location on the Gili Gede's south peninsula with its three side scenic ocean views is unmatched by any other Gili Island and is located only 500 meters away from mainland Lombok car parking area. It is a short 5-minute x 5,000 Rp ride from Lombok's Tembowong beach landing to SIR. The three north Gili Aer, Trawongan & Meno islands takes 20 to 30 minutes to navigate and costs much more.

3.   – Land area prices in all of the 7 SW. Gili islands including Gili Gede & Sekotong are raisingas a few large developments like the 80 Villa unit project ‘Sundancer' near completion. The 40+ unit and Villa 3 star hotel 'CocoTinos'opened in September 2010. Other large 4 Star Hotels are planed East of ‘Sundancer' and there are several beach front Villa's recently completed. There are two hotels located closer to Banko Banko famous surf spot: The ‘Bola Bola' and 'Deep Inn'. There is Private Hotel complex near Laubuhan Poi where theLombok government is planning to build a Ferry harbor. There is a high class Villa project established with some prilimanary infrastructure on the point of Land nearest to Gili Asaha, the last SW gili island close to Banko Banko.

  1.   – SIR geographical position is the most well Protected Safe Natural Harbor on the North East to South West side of Lombok. It is literally a huge area whereby large and small Yachts can find SAFE flat water anchorages and moorings.
  2.   – There is a Gasoline station combination Boat Fuel dock already built at Tembowong village Landing just 500 meters away from SIR's beach & dock side. It has just opened and will surly draw many ocean going Yachts and Fishing vessels to the area as the secret location of these waters travels far and wide via Air Land & Sea.
  3. -   There will be more and more Cruising Yachts seeking out this excellent area which will soon bring about the construction of a full service Yacht harbor Marina with all its surrounding commercial growth projects following making the value of adjacent land value climb some more.
  4.   – The southeast beach entrance to SIR is the nearly the only beach that is clear of any reef obstructions for Swimmers in all of Gili Gede.   It is an excellent swimming beach, yet the West side beach has an excellent snorkeling as well as a sandy outlet to the deeper ocean where the dock has been build.
  5. -   The upper 77 area of SIR's landscape are visually separated from the lower 44 Recreation Park Restaurant area creating a excellent sense of privacy for the potential Villa Lot Sub Owners and Guests.
  6.   – There are very beautiful nature walks possible on Gili Gede, just a short hike up the nearby Hill Side for a stunning 4 point compass View of all the 7 Gili Islands and the surrounding Sekotong area.

We have recently hand measured the distances and believe that the total size of Secret Island Resort is over 1.5 hectare.  Our two certificates add up to about 1.2 hectare.  But the final exact area will require a independent survey to determine.

We have recently hand measured the distances and believe that the total size of Secret Island Resort is over 1.5 hectare.  Our two certificates add up to about 1.2 hectare.  But the final exact area will require a independent survey to determine.
1. - 280 meters of ocean/beach front not yet build on.

2. - Approximate another 50+ are of reef on south west side that is already Government permitted to build a total of 10 'Bungalows Over The Reef' - We have build only two so far, 8 more are possible if a new buyer wishes.

3.  - All Hotel licenses are complete and taxes paid.

4.  - 14 + rooms, Bungalows, Restaurant and Villa completed and functioning.

5.  - Landscaping and retaining ocean walls nearly complete.

6.  - Includes 1 are (10 x 10 meter sq.) of ocean front dock and access area in Tembowong, Lombok. 7. - Most of presently build Accommodations, Wooden Stone Villa and Restaurant may be easily renovated to a 3 or 4 star level. There is approximately 280 meter of Ocean front land that has not yet been developed. Great potential for a higher end hotel development.

8. - Secret Island Resort is located in Lombok's south west Gili Gede's safest Yacht mooring and possible future Harbor area.  Tembowong bay is a very safe 'Natural Harbor for Yachts'. There is a pending large 'Marina Del Ray' Yacht harbor proposed next door. 

9. - Secret Island ┬áhas a 9 meter Fiberglass fishing and snorkel boat valued at approximately $20,000 US. Plus  3 or 4 Yacht moorings in front of Dock area.

    Please feel free to contact us for further information. 


Please contact us for updated information: We look for ward to meeting any serious buyers.



Suhartini & Peter Jones,

telephone + 6281803762001 - Email- secretislandresort@gmail.com

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