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Gili Islands (2days 1night or 3days 2nights) plus other Destinations

We can operate the 9 meter Fast Boat Scorpio from Bali to Lombok. This trip goes to either the 'Three NW. Gili islands called Gili Air, Gili Trawangan and Gili meno': OR to the SW. 'Seven Gili Islands', where there are excellent accommodations (including a Villa) at 'The Secret Island Resort'", located on Gili Gede 'Secret Island Resort', Lombok biggest and most beautiful prestine adjacent Island OR at Gili Nanggu island, which is smaller but long established with wooden bungalows and a marine preserve snorkeling area.

There are several anchorages we can visit during this trips &ndash each of which offers different experiences, from culture wonders to surfing fun.

Padangbai to Amed, Bali
Padang Bai is a small harbor town in the eastern-south of Bali serving as ferry port to travel to Lombok and other part of Lesser Sunda islands as well as eastern Indonesia. The nearby beaches are beautiful and not crwoded; Amuk Bay &ndash where Odyssey Submarine dives to see the underwater wonders; Blue Lagoon with its nice shallow reefs with amazing fishes perfect for dive photography; and Secret Beach just to the south of the town. Amed is a wonderful area on the slopes on Mount Agung with outstanding snorkeling & Diving. there are also many excellent accommodations available if you choose to stay over night.

is often descriped as like Bali was 20 years ago, This island is mountainous and verdant with tall trees and shrubs covering the land in the north with arid with savannas in the south. It has white virgin beaches and a few of excellent surfing spots like Banko Banko known to Surfers as 'Deserts Point'.You can spent the night at Senggigi Beach, Kuta Beach. Furthermore, there are quite many good dive sites around the island. Lombok also has an age-old culture and has many developed tourist destination. The most beautiful Reefs are in the South West 12 Gili islands. Simply massive and alive.  Some of the best Beaches in all of Indonesia. Here is a picture of Makaki near Gili Gede in the South West, but on the Indian ocean.

Lombok best beaches

  • Senggigi
    Is the most developed area for tourists in Lombok. Here you can find a variety of restaurants, bars, tour guides, shops, accommodations and other modern facilities. About 10km further north along a scenic coastal road you will find the small transportation harboe called 'Bangsal' where yu can charter a sm boat to the three NW Gili islands.
  • Three Gilis (islands)
    Situated in the north-west coast of Lombok and are surrounded by coral. These attractive islands have become the most popular tourist destination in all of Lombok. Several years ago it was primarily a place for 'BackBacker' taveling cheaply. Now there are 3 star hotels and it is still growing. There are several Dive Shops with all high-tech dive equipment and pro instructors. There is live music and excellent Discos on Gili Trawagan. The waters around all of Lombok have more varieties of rare fish than anywhere else in the world. Believe it or not.
    • Gili Air
      Is less populated compared to the other three NW. Gilis. While enjoying the small natural harbor or a marine experience, you can also learn about the interesting local culture that developed via Small canoe fishing called 'Junkung' All over Lombok you can observe there color sails heading out to sea: And back again with the fish.
    • Gili Trawangan
      Is the most popular island and most populated Gili Island. With several professional dive operators, restaurants and hotels close to the shore. The island has long been called "the major party island of Indonesia" this where the action is. .
    • Gili Nanggu
      This small island has beautiful beaches and clear water with a prestine marine preserve. The fishing is best in the Seven SW. Gili Islands
  • Gili Gede
    A small island off the southwest coast of Mataram with a Sasak traditional village. This "Secret Island" has a lot of stories to tell of Pirate legends where it is told that 'Aladin' passed by on his way to Arabia where he wrote many of his 101 tales. This is a legend that could of occurred, way back in the 13th century. If you look closely and feel the mystic rumble here; you just may hear 'Aladin' spirt laughing and reciting Sufi poetry with the famous Chinese Admiral 'Sao Bao' who sailed to Arabia around the same time. The locals speak of a Sufi 13th century poet named 'Runi', he is said to have lived here and left ancestors still surviving. However you take these tales, it all adds up to a warm mystery that now attracts many world class Sailors and Tourists to Gili Gede. The beautiful surroundings and undisturbed nature of Gili Gede have inspired the 'Secret Island Resort' which has recently opened. 'SIR' offers an excellent large Restaurant/Pavillion with a full Yacht bar for other 'high class resort ' guests enjoyment: Plus the 'Nomad' charter guests. There is also a wonderful Nature walk and special Spa under development. There is one very Special 'on top of the reef bungalows' presently and we are planning to build more. The snorkeling and night fishing are excellent. We recommend that you spend a morning or afternoon here and take a guided Kayak tour of the inner calm reefs and Pearl farms and then onward to the more famous three North West Gili islands.

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