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Secret Island Resort, Gili Gede, Lombok  
Gili Gede Resort Lombok


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Wide Range of Accommodations

Two Special Bungalows over Reef, Villa, Bungalow Hillside & Beach Rooms

Currently there are three styles of accommodations available. Bungalows, Villa, and Rooms. Our deluxe bungalow on the hill side is often in demand because of it's spectacular views and sunsets with good privacy. Our 2 bedroom villa, deluxe beach front rooms and hillside bungalow have limited solar hot water along with two very special bungalows over the reef. These stable over the reef bungalows are connected to a large dock for easy access to land facilities. Especially good for the romantic couples and fishermen. And Also very good for yacht owners looking for a place to tie up and rent a room right by your boat.  You frequently hear schools of small fish jumping and a cool ocean breeze is almost always blowing.

Accommodations Presently Available

3 Night Package deals Slow season - Sept 20, 2017 To December 20, 2017,

Busy season is July, August & September: 2018 rates similar - Please ask us.


Stable Bungalows over the Reef
These special bungalows are build in a traditional Toraja Indonesian style, so that that they are very well ventilated, these one of a kind double units allow you intimate and close access to the Tembowong lagoon with its excellent snorkeling and magnificent views.  If you have your own boat, you just about have your own private dock to. The dock connects to the land and is only a short walk to the Restaurant. These old teak wooden structures come from Java 150+ year old Teak wood knock down houses re-worked together making one plush hangout. The original older slightly smaller bungalow double occupancy price is 550,000Rp and 600,000Rp for our newer unit including breakfast per night. For triple occupancy with extra bed is 650,000Rp for newer Bungalow over Reef and rp600,000 for Original bungalow over reef. Package deals now available again Sept 15, 2015 to December 20, 2015. See rates bottom of page.

Extra Bed for all units and one more Breakfast - 50,000rp to 75,000Rp depending which unit,


dua bungalows

Two very special Bungalows over the Reef

bungalow over reef Lombok   new bungalow over reef

Pictures above of interior Bungalows over the Reef -

Bay View Cottage


Below Villa Units- one double or single
A small Double bed with Terrace over looking this extraordinary view. - 2 persons as a cozy couple only in this room.  -  250,000 Rp + Breakfast / especially good for just one person = 200,000rp + one breakfast. Then there is our nice 2 Bedroom Stone Villa with Hot water shown on left and below showing the Living room and Kitchen. It is 750,000Rp for 4 persons, including breakfast. During Off season one room in Villa plus Living room may be rented for 500,000Rp including breakfast for 2 people. Or 600,000rp for 3 persons with use of both bedrooms. Package deals now available again Sept 15, 2015 to December 20, 2015. See rates bottom of page.



These 3 newly renovated Bathrooms Units to right are double or single occupancy Rooms, they are next to the Restaurant with a good set back Ocean view. Double occupancy and possible to add a Flop out futon mattress for 3 person occupancy for additional charge.   Easy access to the Ocean and Resort facilities. - 300,000Rp and includes Breakfast for 2 persons. 1 person in these rooms are 200,000Rp with breakfast. - Package deals now available again Sept 15, 2015 to December 20, 2015. See rates bottom of page.

Villa Gili Gede Secret Island Resortbungalow garden bed

Stone Two Bedroom Villa Hillside above Top-

Private Garden Bungalow Bedroom also above

  • Delux double units
  • beach side room bed
  • master bedroom villa

Living Area Viewing The Bay  

Two Bedroom Stone Villa on Hillside - Newly Renovated master bedroom with large doors open to terrace. see above
This very nice economical Villa On top of the Hill has a fabulous two side ocean view and terrace over looking the Tembowong bay and Yachts. Two double beds =  750,000rp for 4 persons with limited Solar Hot Water. Max 6 person occupancy with option of additional fold out beds. This unit is perfect for two families with kids making it possible for even 4 adults & 2 or 3 kids in one Villa. (For longer term Gas for Full Kitchen and ice box is extra) with two bath rooms.  During Off season one room in Villa plus Living room may be rented for 400,000Rp including breakfast for 2 people. Or 600,000rp for 3 persons with use of both bedrooms. Our 3+ night package deal for 4 persons = 1,800,000rp -

Master Bedroom Villa on top of the Hill and Solar Hot Water.

 Secret Island Villa             hotel rooms Lombok Gili Gede

This Bedroom on left top is part of the 'Stone Villa on top of Hill' / The picture just above is our 4 deluxe rooms near to beach. Two double adjoining rooms are very close to Beach and have larger bathrooms. They are 300,000Rp per day until solar water heater is repaired.. The other two rooms have a double & a single Bed. For just two persons and rent for 250,000Rp including breakfast for 2. The double and single bed units for three persons rent for 300,000rp including breakfast.

View of the Tembowong Bay and Yacht along side Long dock that Cruising Yachts can stern tie to.  The tembowong Bay can hold a dozens of yachts at anchor; there are usually 4 or 5 yachts calmly moored. The villa faces west so the view is incredible and the sunsets wow.  The picture below is of Deluxe Bungalow on Hill side. It rents for 500,000rp per night with Limited Solar Hot Water. Package deals now available again Sept 15, 2015 to December 20, 2015. See rates at bottom of page.

Hillside bungalow

Deluxe Bungalow on Hill Side - Spectacular Sunsets
hillside bungalow interior

gili gede restaurant

3 night Package Deals

Package deals are valid Sept 15, 2017 to Dec. 20, 2017

Nice double Garden Rooms normally rp300,000 per night If 3 nights = rp750.000
Beach side deluxe Rooms normally rp300,000 per night If 3 nights = rp750,000
Hillside double Bungalow normally rp500,000 per night If 3 nights = rp1,200,000

* Includes One Free Half Day use of Double Kayak with 3 night stay

2 Bedroom Villa - 4 persons normally rp750,000 per night If 3 nights = rp1,800,000
Original Bungalow over Reef normally rp550,000 per night If 3 nights = rp1,500,000
Newer Bungalow Over Reef normally rp600,000 per night If 3 nights = rp1,600,000




  bungalow over reef

The resort is perched on 1.3 hectare south point of the island with three sides ocean view. If you are thinking of owning your own Resort with excellent growth characteristics in a very beautiful protected Bay, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. AND/OR build your own Bungalow over the Reef and Dock where you can park a Yacht safely all year round. The only area in Bali or Lombok licensed to do so on top of the Reef!        Read more .AND/Or Contract Details

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